True Spices - Environmentally friendly from A to Z

From raw materials to delivery to your door, True Spices strives to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible. We tell you how.

Organic spices: Good for the environment and health

We only offer organic spices, the advantage of which is not only the guarantee of intense and authentic flavours, but also the promotion of production techniques that respect the land and ecosystems. Organic cultivation, for example, is significantly more water-efficient than other types of cultivation.

For this reason, True Spices only works with organic suppliers and thus actively supports organic cultivation. On our tins you will find the official EU organic seal, which guarantees that the product has been produced and controlled in accordance with EU legislation on organic farming.

After selecting the best ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, we mix our products by hand in our organic spice factory in Hamburg. In doing so, we deliberately avoid additives and flavour enhancers in order to preserve both nature and nature's taste!

Tinplate instead of other materials

How we store organic spices is also of utmost importance for the protection of the environment. True Spices spice blends are filled in large tinplate cans.

Why do we use tin cans and not other materials like cardboard, plastic or corks? Not only is tinplate 100% recyclable, it also protects your spice better from light and moisture, which extends their shelf life and preserves all the flavours. What's more, our tins contain the perfect amount of spice to encourage sustainable consumption and a smaller ecological footprint. 

Environmentally friendly packaging is close to our hearts

Not only is the can environmentally friendly, but also the material that protects it during transport. In our pack you will find a natural loosfill chips that consists of completely compostable materials: air, water and pea starch. They decompose completely into compost, which then adds valuable nutrients to the soil, making it a highly sustainable packaging solution.

In summary: Your spice jar comes in packaging that can be recycled very easily, with minimal effort and zero pollution!

Give the tins a second life!

Have you already used up your True Spices spice mix? Use them again! The beautiful design invites you to reuse the tin cans: As a pen holder, stand for a candle or even as a flower pot.... We have lots of DIY ideas to share with you to get the most out of upcycling and your True Spices orders!

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