Weißblech, unser „grünes Gold“ für umweltfreundliche Gewürzdosen

Tinplate: our "green gold" for environmentally friendly spice tins

True Spices is a range of products that draw their qualities directly from the resources that plants and the earth provide. But it's not just a range of carefully selected spices that can enhance your dishes and your everyday life. Our brand is also a philosophy - one of complete reconnection with nature. It is a culture that defends the well-being of the individual - of you! - but also of the planet. That's why we pay as much attention to the selection of our ingredients and our spices as we do to the production of our packaging and our containers.

Do you particularly like the aesthetics of our packaging and especially our tins? We pay attention to every detail, from the choice of shape and font to the colour of the labels. However, our strongest choice remains the material used: our spices are packed in environmentally friendly tinplate cans. We are all about consistency and commitment! And to meet the challenge of sustainable development and the environment, we have chosen a simple and indispensable material: Tinplate.

Why use tinplate cans?

It is often recommended to go back to the origin of a problem in order to fully understand it. We offer you to go back to the roots of our solution! The first question you must ask yourself is: What is tinplate? Tinplate is a sheet of soft or extra soft steel: this means that its carbon content is less than 0.08%! This figure is a great asset at a time when questions about carbon content and carbon footprint are on everyone's lips - including all practices and all packaging!

Tinplate is traditionally in the form of tin rolls, which are often used for packaging industrial products and food. For True Spices, this is undoubtedly the noblest material that can be used to make its packaging. The reason is quite simple: a tinplate can is only 0.5 mm thick. This means that the tins containing our spices are light and avoid unnecessary weight gain.


Packaging as light as a spice powder

The impact on the environment is very concrete: if we send you your favourite spices several tens or hundreds of kilometres away from where we ship them, we certainly don't increase our carbon footprint for transport unnecessarily! We can sum it up more poetically and we are happy to say that our spice tins are simply airtight! Are tin environmentally friendly? The answer cannot be clearer: Yes, we manage to lead two main challenges head-on, that of product quality and the protection of our beautiful planet!

Lightness in the service of intensity

We haven't told you everything about the benefits of tinplate: Each tin is coated with a wafer-thin layer of tin on each side. Why is this particularly important for True Spices - and therefore for you? Tinplate is one of those materials that particularly respects the balance of food flavours. Not only is the subtlety of the spice notes not altered by the ferrous environment of the container; it also helps to preserve the intensity of an aroma over a longer period of time than most other ferrous materials - not to mention our great enemy, plastic.
So by preferring tinplate spice jars, we are on the one hand opting for environmentally friendly tinplate jars, but also for spice jars that guarantee aroma-tight compositions.

The lightness of our tins also allows us to provide larger containers without incurring significant transport costs - and thus to offer more spice content for your greatest pleasure!


The cycle of life

There are no words that rhyme better than tinplate and recycling. By offering organic spices, True Spices shows a conviction. We need to ensure perfect consistency; that's why we consciously use sustainable packaging for our spices.

The True Spices tins have a double advantage. Tin cans and the environment combine as well as turmeric and honey in a delicious vegetable curry recipe: we can easily reuse the tins because the tin layer allows for optimal and quick cleaning and disinfection. And when the tins reach the end of their life, we know where to send them: They are 100% recyclable and Germany is leading the way when it comes to breathing new life into these little iron cylinders.

If we go back in history a little, we remember that the tin can was already on the rise in the 19th century. In the 20th century, Andy Warhol turned them into pop culture objects. True Spices is determined to write a new page in history and affirm the modernity of the tin can - an asset for the future that we want to cultivate!

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