Gewürze ohne Zusatzstoffe: Geschmack ohne Ausflüchte!

Spices without additives: taste without excuses!

A proverb you surely know by heart constantly reminds us that more is the enemy of good. This truth also applies when it comes to taste: adding flavour enhancers and other additives does not make food tastier - quite the opposite. This is exactly the bet True Spices succeeds in: to unfold a whole world of taste without resorting to subterfuges and artificial elements!

Our credo: Being closer to nature

The secret of True Spices' delicious creations lies in one word: Organic. All our mixes have the same roots: they find their flavours in plants and crops that draw all their strength from the earth, water and sun. The elements we harvest somehow capture the "truth of flavour": You don't need other elements to enhance the final taste result! With True Spices, you can be sure that the fullness of flavour you experience in your mouth is 100% authentic! Our ingredients are certified organic. You may still be asking yourself: Are organic spices really better? Does it make sense to prefer spices without additives?

Organic is good in every way!

In the compositions of True Spices, simplicity rhymes with intensity. But choosing spices without additives also means preferring quality, safety and health. Today, when choosing vegetables and all other foods, many of us opt for organic products, which are the secret of healthy and tasty dishes. Why? Because we want to take care of our bodies.

To enhance these dishes with spices that are enriched with additives would not make sense: It would ruin all your good culinary intentions in no time! Why use spices without additives? Note that most spice preparations with additives contain on average only 60% spices - leaving 40% chemical additives that are not particularly desirable.

Make the right choices at every stage of your meal preparation.

What True Spice offers you with its organic spices without additives is a return to the origins of taste and a rediscovery of the finesse of flavour. When you go to the market, you make sure to choose vegetables from organic cycles and you know that these vegetables will have an incomparable taste? Don't ruin premium products by sprinkling them with spices that are not real spices. Our spices without flavour enhancers honour the art of the table and the pleasure of eating. True Spices are spices without preservatives and without glutamate that promise small moments of happiness in everyday life and help you stay in shape for a long time!

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