Upcycling: a green gesture that will bring lots of colour into your everyday life!

Issues around the environment and global warming are on everyone's lips and in all the newspapers. To meet ecological challenges, we are all invited to repeat simple gestures: recycling is one of those little things we can do every day to do good for the planet. This may come as a surprise, but it is not desirable that recycling becomes an automatic and systematic reflex. There is another practice with beneficial effects for the planet - and our good mood - that we call upcycling. But what is upcycling?

Transform new from old

Are you sensitive to the great concerns of anti-waste and waste reduction? Upcycling is therefore a topic to which you should give your full attention. Upcycling is an intelligent and responsible practice - environmentally conscious, to be precise. Simply and succinctly you can say: it is the art of making something new out of something old. It's about rethinking our approach to packaging and containers and no longer seeing them as disposable. Practising upcycling means giving cardboard boxes, tin cans or even glass containers, which for a long time were not considered objects in their own right, a new use and thus a second life. Upcycling is both a state of mind and an extremely concrete practice - a DIY practice!

TrueSpices, 200% committed to the positive cycles of the materials!

True Spices is strongly committed to the ecological cause: you certainly know it, but we make sure to use 100% recyclable materials to make our tins. But just because a material is recyclable doesn't mean it belongs in the bin! True Spices containers are not only ecological, but also very aesthetically pleasing. So after enjoying our delicious spices, you won't have any trouble finding a new use for our pots.

Reuse tins: in the kitchen, on the desk or in the garden

Cans and upcycling are perfectly compatible. We have lots of DIY ideas to share with you to get the most out of upcycling and your True Spices orders! The simplest and most natural idea is to reuse our tins to store new spices or other foods like lentils or rice. You can also use our tins to make your own tea blends, for example.

You will have noticed that we use bright and distinct colour combinations to create tins that are full of life and always pleasing to the eye. So you can easily put a tin on your desk to store paper clips, or keep it in your sewing box to store beads or needles. And how about turning your True Spices tin into a candle before turning it into a beautiful decorative element on your coffee table or a shelf?

Finally, we also have upcycling ideas for the garden. Our tins are perfect for planting cuttings or housing succulents.

upcycling ideen
upcycling ideen
upcycling ideen

A double reduction in material waste

By choosing to upcycle, you're doing double duty to save the planet. Thanks to upcycling, you reduce the carbon footprint of transporting "waste" by truck, but also that of treating and converting this waste in a power plant. But you have to remember that upcycling also means that you don't buy something you don't really need - a flower pot, for example - because you can make it yourself. That's also a plus for the planet ... but also for your wallet!

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