Thyme: a spice that is good for you

It is commonly associated with the scent of summer and the gentle Mediterranean way of life: thanks to its special aromatic properties, thyme has long since found a permanent place in our kitchens. But do you know the origins of this peculiar spice? Here is the identity card of this very popular ingredient in our True Spices blends and some culinary tips.

Thyme, a "hero" even in ancient times.

Thyme is known to colour and embalm the maquis and scrubland of southern Europe around the Mediterranean basin. And its history in this region goes back a long way: it was already used in Egypt and Greece in ancient times, more than 5,000 years ago. Admittedly, its use was not primarily culinary, but it was already its calming and energising scents that were valued. Moreover, in Greek mythology, thyme is quite simply a symbol of courage! In any case, since the 19th century, this prestigious spice has found a recurring place on plates, bistros and restaurants!

The power of the (olfactory) senses

Whether you go in search of it in the middle of nature, on the granite peaks, or quietly wait for it to grow on your balcony: the best time of year to harvest thyme is June. This is when the flowers and spikes unfold their fragrance in all its intensity. Once picked, the sprigs retain much of this aromatic virtue and add a real bonus to your dishes!

But what does thyme taste like as a spice? You should know that the scents can vary from one thyme variety to another, but this spice inevitably stands out for its very characteristic smoky smell. By the way, do you know that the word thyme is derived from the Greek thymos, which simply means .... "smoke"! The word is also semantically related to thio: "I perfume”.

What do you season with thyme?

What dishes can you prepare with thyme? Thyme is especially welcome in meat dishes: red meat, white meat, whatever, this herb brings a touch of freshness and that smoky feeling that goes so well with meat! In general, thyme adds a summery touch to all salads: beans, potatoes and fresh tomatoes in vinaigrette gain flavour with a few magical sprinkles of thyme. And at the end of the day, know that a few pinches of thyme added to your herbal tea will calm your mood and aid digestion.

So thyme is a spice that is good for the mind as well as the body. That's why we love it so much at True Spices and have decided to include it in six of our compositions and select the best quality: an organic, authentic, magical thyme! We recommend using thyme in the kitchen every time you need a little boost!

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