Rosmarin, alle Farben des Sommers – zu jeder Jahreszeit!

Rosemary, all the colours of summer - in every season!

It is difficult to pronounce the name rosemary without evoking memories of walks in the scrubland under a pleasant summer sun. Rosemary sounds like the south of France. It is the scent of escapades on the dry massifs of the Mediterranean basin. That rosemary "smells like summer", you will surely agree. But what is actually the origin of rosemary?

Why is rosemary called rosemary?

In French Provence, people like to speak of "crown grass" to poetically describe this aromatic plant typical of the region. But that is not its primary meaning. The name "rosemary" probably comes from the Latin ros marinus, literally "sea dew" - no wonder, given that the plant thrives in coastal landscapes. It is also likely that the name is derived from the Greek rhops myrinos: it simply means aromatic bush!

Light meals

If you know the unmistakable smell of rosemary before it is harvested - while it is still on the bush, then you will fully understand why we at True Spices love to incorporate this inimitable note into our spices! Rosemary exudes wild, slightly pungent and subtly camphorous scents that can transform any dish into an invitation to travel. But what can you season with rosemary?

Unsurprisingly, rosemary spice perfectly enhances any summer dish. Sprinkled with rosemary, the simplest tomato salad becomes worthy of being listed in a gastronomic guide. You can also try it with a bean salad: The result will be just as delicious!

A fresh or warm note depending on the combination

In general, rosemary gives an extra freshness to all vegetable dishes. That is why we have included it in our Vegetable Spice Mix. Our mixture is an ideal ally for preparing courgettes or aubergines, steamed or fried. The rosemary spice also adds an extra touch of sunshine to a pan of mushrooms or pulses. Try experimenting with a cooked dish of lentils and brown rice: You'll be convinced!

What can rosemary spice be used for when you are looking Rosemary will also work wonders to reinvent scrambled eggs or omelettes. True Spices has prepared a special composition for this, Scrambled Eggs Spice Mix, which also uses paprika to sublimate these traditional dishes.

Rosemary goes perfectly with other great kitchen classics: it enhances the comforting feeling of a good potato dish. True Spices Bratkartoffel Spice Mix has been specially prepared for these Sunday dishes!

And what's a good use of rosemary if you're a meat lover? Again, the possibilities are as varied as sprigs of rosemary on a branch! It is a perfect seasoning for all lamb dishes, for rabbit, game, pork and poultry.

So no need to hesitate: expand your taste palette with the rosemary-based True Spices mixes!

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