Turmeric: the sunshine in your plate

It is often presented as Indian saffron and could not have a better name: Turmeric spice is actually a beautiful invitation to travel. It has become a recurring ingredient in so-called quality cuisine, used in both simple dishes and the most elaborate gastronomic creations to add a subtle and warm touch. But what is turmeric actually?


A spice of positive energy

As with all spices that fascinate us, the first natural question is: Where does turmeric come from? Turmeric is a spice from India and Southeast Asia - mainly grown in Malaysia. It is extracted from a rhizome that belongs to the same family as ginger. In fact, when fresh, they look so similar that you could easily confuse them! However, as always, it is just not enough to be fooled by appearances for the spice to reveal its true nature: Turmeric captivates with its bright orange shimmering color.

Nevertheless, turmeric is often called yellow ginger - not orange ginger! - simply to emphasize its more intense, radiant color. And knowing that color on the plate plays an essential role in whetting the appetite and delighting the palate, it's easy to see why turmeric powder is increasingly used in cooking. Adding turmeric to a dish also adds a big dose of good humor and well-being!


Intensity and calm in a single spice.

So what does turmeric taste like? The warm color of the spice and the climate of its region of origin rub off on the flavors that emerge: Turmeric is indeed known for its delicate and warm flavor. In its fresh form, turmeric root releases some pungent notes, but they are much more balancing than those of ginger.

So you're probably wondering: what do you season with turmeric? A little turmeric gold powder will enhance the flavor of your vegetables or any type of poultry. A spoonful or two of turmeric powder in a lentil stew or on a potato dish is enough to give the simplest dishes a new gourmet touch! It's also a great trick for bringing overly acidic dishes back into balance. And if you like shellfish, turmeric also gives you an opportunity to explore new flavor shores. A teaspoon of turmeric in your green tea can also add an extra touch of exoticism to your afternoon break.

Turmeric is also the secret to the most authentic curries. That's why we've included this spice with unparalleled flavor qualities in our True Spices Curry Bio.


Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

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